Tuesday, January 8, 2008

resolutions anyone..??

maybe, that's why I refrain from making NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!!

Monday, January 7, 2008


What do u do when u r under severe depression???

1. Watch a funny movie.

2. Have some chocolates.

3. Speak to a dear friend.

4. Read a nice book (if u can concentrate that is!)

5. Write some non-sense stuff on ur blog (as i'm doin now!!)

6. Listen to the kinda music u like (but not something belonging to the ghazal or some such pensive genre, please! at least for me, it heightens my depression)

7. If all else fail go to sleep but then the more u sleep the bluer u feel after waking up and then again u go off to sleep & the vicious cycle continues.. (that's not my opinion, i've read it somewhere!)

btw, i'm feeling much better now (no. 5 worked :)! )

P.S. there's something important i forgot to add to that list which is definitely worth a try..READ CALVIN & HOBBES!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

too good & apt!!!
a friend sent me..cudnt resist posting!!!
women's lib zindabad :) !!!!

Monday, December 31, 2007

..of the wonder called childhood

what do u do when u see your child is among the last few in this tough competition of contemporary life?..this was the question posed by the movie i watched yesterday..the movie which moved me to the extent that i couldn't rest in peace without writing about it..Taare Zameen Par is no ordinary movie..i don't know whether you'd consider it to be a hyperbole if i say that it was a masterpiece but at least i can tell u this much that it was a movie which made me cry, it was a movie which once again compelled me to think about life & the worthiness of all that I am doing..it all starts with the story of a little boy who suffers from dyslexia..his parents gave up on him & sent him to a boarding school..wherever he goes he is the subject of humiliation due to his 'failure' in the so called parameter which in these days is the sole criterion to judge a person..the parameter called success in studies or in the so called academic career..this is the reason why the movie transcends the problems of the eight year old Ishaan & tells the story of all those failures in this race of being @ the top..
Taare Zameen Par is a magical movie..it lets u revisit the wonderful world of childhood once again..something which we've all lost somewhere in this mad rush..it shows the beautiful relation between a teacher & a little boy who is all lost..shunned by teachers, by friends, he thinks himself to be really a good for nothing which the world constantly tells him that he is!...it shows the beautiful world of all those differently abled children & how a little bit of care & concern can nurture a child no matter what his "flaws" are & metamorphose him into a lovely human being..it shows how life is not all about winning races..there's much more to it...
the storyline is poignant to say the least but thats not all..the music is AWESOME- some thing to be heard to be believed..the cinematography is spectacular..what a beautiful play of colours & subjects..& last but not the least is the use of animation-there's a scene where all the words start getting jumbling up constantly in Ishaan's head & the depiction of that through animation 4 a moment takes u inside the head of the dyslectic kid & lets u feel the trauma & the confusion which he constantly experiences in the world of alphabets & numbers...some of the song sequences actually reminded me of the world famous video of Pink Floyd's Wall..
but above everything else is the display of emotions..the insecurity which an eight year old feels when he is sent away from his parents as a 'punishment' made me cry like him..the song sequence where the children of Tulips are seen to be performing..or the scene where Ishaan after seeing people appreciate him for the very first time runs to his teacher & hugging him starts crying..i can watch the movie over & over for that very one moment..what a performance by a kid called Darsheel Safary..if morning shows the day then i wonder what an actor he would be in his prime time!!!..every sequence is so full of life..so full of innocence..every sequence is so real that it would touch the very chords of your heart!!
Taare Zameen Par is the directorial debut of a certain Aamir Khan who I've idolized during my teenage days...maybe all things we like when we are young aren't so silly after all..!!
over all, a movie which i would highly recommend..rather i should say its one of my favorite movies of all times..

Saturday, December 22, 2007

i'm going nuts..i find myself reading up things like this these days!!!

however, all said & done point no.6 seemed interesting enough to be given a try!! he he!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

this is better not read!

what happens when life seems to be going no where?
when nothing much works out..there's no hope to be found anywhr?
really, i don't feel like cribbing but what am i supposed to do now,
so that these disheartening thoughts don't keep coming back??
sometimes, i wish it'd have been so nice to take a break from it all..but even that seems not possible..anyway, life doesn't look too "rosy", "sunny" (whatever!) now..
saw bridget jones' diary today..could identify with bridget to a great extent..someone whose life most of the time makes no sense, everything that she does goes haywire and to top it all not even a XXXXX anywhere around...


Thursday, December 6, 2007

the problem is solved, it seems..i can access my blog rite now

my grandma has been seriously ill for the past few days..today by God's grace she was a bit better..if any1 comes across this post, please pray for her recovery, if u can..she means so much to us...

Monday, December 3, 2007

this isn't funny nemore..am not being able to view my blog (or for that matter any blog in blogger.com) anymore :(..strangely enuf, there seems to be no problem in posting on my blog!!!
anyway, i can't go on like this..if any1 knows of some remedy, KINDLY SUGGEST!..or else, i might have to shift to some other blog space, which i really dont feel like :(

Saturday, December 1, 2007

yet another futile attempt...

dunno wot has happened..am not being able to access my blog for quite a few days now (even now they arent letting me view it, though they are okay with me writing a new post!weird!)

..anyway, posting after quite a long time, yeah! i had been busy but then, i wouldn't pass the buck by just that excuse..actually didnt quite feel like writing..temperamental me! whatever..
yesterday morning found a baby pigeon lying severly injured in our staircase..heard that two cats literally tried tearing it apart..it was badly injured..i have dealt with cats & dogs before, so am quite at ease when it comes to handling them but this was a little different..anyway, with the help of the granny next next door, managed to put it in a basket & then took it to the nearest animal clinic..
they said one of it's wings had been broken & the nearby region was wounded badly but above all the poor creature was in tremendous shock.. they performed some dressing & asked me to feed it & give the medicines..i brought it back & made a bed for it..after 10 minutes of contemplation, i gingerly picked it up & put it there..the whole day was spent thinking how i can keep it, (as those people had said it might never be able to fly again), as i have so many cats at home, maybe i could put it inside some cage (though i didnt like dat idea much!)..anyway i thought God wanted me to be friends with birds too, so it might have been his way of offering me a gift!
..was proved wrong this morning when i found that the little baby had passed away...
i just dont understand what's the point of all this??? as in, y do i have to be exposed to such experiences over & over & over again, where i would come across a severely sick creature & try my best to cure it & see it die????? once, a poor puppy died on my lap jus 5 minutes before i reached the hospital...y?y?y?
am i wrong in loving them that i would be punished in this way so many times?if God really wants me to take care of them then y on earth cant they live & grow up hale & hearty??wot have i done to deserve all this??

..hope i had an answer...